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‘Afrorave’- Rema Creates His Own Genre Solely For His Songs



Mainstream artiste, Divine Ikubor-better known as Rema has created a new music genre strictly for the kind of songs he churns.

The artiste took to his Twitter account to announce the creation of Afrorave, a sub-genre of Afrobeats, which he says his songs will now be classified under from today forward.

The subsequent albums he’ll be creating henceforth will consolidate this new dimension in his musical career.

He tweeted; ”My sound y’all called Indian, everybody doing it now.

From this day my sound will be called “Afrorave” a sub-genre of Afrobeat, my Album seals this claim for good.”

See his post:

Rema was in the news recently when he made a profound message on his Twitter platform to mark his birthday. He noted amongst other things it’s not wise to be sleeping with multiple women just because of his fame.

”I swear I just wanna love one girl and move on. I don’t wanna fuck around with too many girls, violating my energy and breeding disrespect because of sex, This dick is GOLDEN how bout that!” 

He added: ‘“His lyrics are childish” Yes! I’m young fucking let me grow, if I start spitting all the bars now what will spit when I’m 30 years old, I barely write music let me have a collection of experiences and chat real shit from my heart! Many niggas sing about shit they don’t do!

Producers don’t get enough credit, they are the backbone to any HIT song! At least give them the right royalty & publishing percentage, y’all niggas forgetting who took y’all vocals fr? y’all selfish. Yo let them eat! I give my producers what they deserve and that’s FACTS!


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