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‘After 14 Years In Service, I’m Still Collecting N64,000’- Ex-Nigerian Police Officer



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A Nigerian police officer, who wants to remain anonymous, says his salary even after working for the government serving the country for 14 years remains unchanged.

He revealed that he is only paid N64, 000.

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He shared that he joined the Nigerian Police force in 2007 and gave birth to his first child in 2017 and now he is a father of four children.

The sergeant said he is unhappy about the situation and so when his wife told him, she would join the protest, he could not stop her.

 “I am not happy about the situation of this country. My wife is protesting. I cannot be there but when she told me she wanted to go, i didn’t stop her because the situation affects her. After 14 years in service, i am still collecting n64, 000 per month. Not just me, others in my set to collect the same salary. It doesn’t cover anything. ”

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