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After 4 Miscarriages, My Wife Told Me To Find A Woman To Give Me Children But See What God Did



After 4 Miscarriages, My Wife Told Me To Find A Woman To Give Me Children But See What God Did

Miscarriage happens due to so many factors. Sometimes, it may be because of some health factors and sometimes, it may just be the case that it is not yet time for the couple to have children. There is a saying that ‘God’s time is the best’. Humans make plans and God laughs. No matter how much a husband loves his wife, this time of Miscarriage is always a time of temptation especially when their marriage has not been blessed with any single child for years. So many thoughts would come to their mind in order to get a child. Some marriages even end at this point because the family would be adding pressures and other things. This brings us to a touching story of a man whose wife had miscarriages 4 different times.

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According to this man, after his wife had 4 miscarriages, it got to a point that she even told him categorically to go and find another woman who would give him children. You can imagine what the woman must be feeling after having 4 different miscarriages without any positive result. The family of the man must have been directly or indirectly pressurizing their son to find an alternative if his wife cannot sustain pregnancy. The woman must have faced a lot of direct or indirect ridicule, insult amongst others in her home. She may not even be treated like she ought to be treated but the bitter truth is that, it is not her fault. The lady was so heart-broken that she had to tell her husband to go outside their marriage and try his luck with another lady but what the man did was quite surprising.

This man refused the offer and even made a vow to stick by her for better for worse even during the hardship. Even if it means that he will remain childless, he still renewed his wedding vows amidst the temptations. This is a very unusual thing because even many men who loved their wives cannot endure such temptation. After the lady has had 4 miscarriages, the man would have looked for another alternative but this man refused to leave his wife. He refused to listen to everyone encouraging him to get another woman to give him children. Instead, he kept praying to God fervently. What God later did for him and his wife was very touching.

God finally blessed them. See cute pictures of their children

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After so many patience, God finally blessed them with a son whom they named Risima which means ‘Value’. They named their first son “Value” and after that came a beautiful daughter whom they named ‘Ingumangaliso’ which means ‘It is wonderful’. With prayer and patience, God can do the impossible against all odds. Who knows that the woman can still give birth after 4 different miscarriages? But, God is a merciful God.

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