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“After 5 Years Abroad, He Wants His Wife To Swear An Oath That She Didn’t Do This”- Lady Says



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“After 5 Years Abroad, He Wants His Wife To Swear An Oath That She Didn’t Do This”- Lady Says

In today’s world, confidence is extremely difficult to come by. ‘Confidence no one,’ is the most I’ve learnt about the word ‘trust.’ This is the degree of confidence that people have.

Also in marriages where you’d expect all partners to trust each other at every level, it’s hard to see that they don’t really trust each other fully. And it’s almost difficult to develop into what they’re meant to grow into without confidence. What about getting married? This is the one that makes me the most vulnerable. When I read tales of how some husbands don’t trust their wives or how some wives don’t trust their husbands, I find it hard to believe.

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How would you have a happy life if you don’t trust each other? I’m having trouble comprehending it. A lady recently told me about a husband who needs his wife to swear an oath that she hasn’t been with any other guy since he left Nigeria five years ago.

What might possibly motivate a husband to insist that his wife swear that she has not slept with some guy since he has been gone for five years?

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This was easily expressed by this woman, and it attracted a lot of interest. All expressed their views about what they feel is false. Personally, I think it’s a matter of faith.

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