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After A Vigilante Group Discovered Bandits’ Hideout In The Bush, See The Smart Move They Took



After A Vigilante Group Discovered Bandits’ Hideout In The Bush, See The Smart Move They Took

Bandits have been disturbing the peace and tranquility of this country for a while now. The Bandits are killing, abducting, raping and destroying properties in many parts of the country, most especially in the North. Kidnapping of students was not rampant like this before but it now happens all time and it is becoming our new normal. The bandits have been perpetrating so many crimes for a long time now but just like the popular saying that ‘Everyday is for the thief, a day is for the owner’, a vigilante group discovered the hideout of some bandits who kept some people hostage and demanded for ransom from their families. The vigilante group discovered where they were hiding in the forest and they took a smart move which made it possible for them to kill and capture many of them.

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The whole story started when bandits raided Gulu town few days ago, they destroyed properties and abducted several persons and took them into the bush. They kept them as hostages and sent word to their family that they would kill them unless they bring them money without informing the authority. The bandits gave them a specific location where they should drop the money and the victims’ relatives followed the instruction so as to get their families back without being hurt or harmed.

On Sunday night, they went to the location that they were given to drop the money and to get their relatives back but on getting there, the bandits reportedly told some of them to return to the town to buy them some food and other edible items. They heeded to the instruction but when they were on their way, they ran into local vigilante group who challenged them where were they coming from in the forest, they opened up to the vigilante and explained their ordeal to them.

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The vigilante group quickly mobilized a team and told the victims’ relatives to lead them to the hideouts in order to attack them unaware. According to reports on Linda Ikeji, when the vigilante got to the hideouts, they exchanged gunfire with the bandits which lasted very long but the vigilante overpowered the bandits because they were not prepared.

At least 9 of the bandits died from gunshots while seven of them were arrested and handed over to the Police Special Task Force- Operation Zuma in Ebbo.

Screenshot 20210330 011443
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This is a commendable and smart move by the Vigilante. They were able to rescue the hostages and aslo proved a vital point that they are very proficient and they could handle the bandits if only they know their hideouts in the bush.

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