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After Her Madam Burned Her With Hot Iron, See What A Maid Did That Made People Praise Her (Video)



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After Her Madam Burned Her With Hot Iron, See What A Maid Did That Made People Praise Her (Video)

We occasionally experience acts of inhumanity that make one wonder whether those people do have a conscience. When I saw a video of what a mother did to her young maid, it almost brought tears to my eyes.

People went to arrest her madam for the cruel act after seeing the young maid with extreme burns on her buttocks. When asked what she used on the little girl who had such serious bruises on both sides of her buttocks, the madam replied that she used hot pressing Iron. She was then asked when it happened, to which she responded that it happened three days before, and that she had taken her to a pharmacy.

Screenshot 20210312 091845

She should have taken her to a better hospital, said the man who asked her the issue.

Among the rage and tears that almost fell from my eyes as I watched the film, I saw something that made me smile.

The baby she was holding began screaming and reaching out to the maid whilst the madam was being interrogated.

Screenshot 20210312 091855

The maid then performed an act of kindness that made one wonder why the lady did what she did in the first place. In her poor health, she extended her hand to hold the infant.

The pictures of the burns she received are too graphic to be displayed here due to their graphic nature.

To see them, please watch VIDEO. Many Nigerians were moved by her act of kindness and expressed their gratitude to her. They chastised the madam for her depravity and congratulated the young girl for her good will. Here are some of my thoughts.

Screenshot 20210312 091845 1

They were about to take her to the hospital in the film, and her madam had been apprehended; we hope she faces the full wrath of the law for her heinous crime. It’s difficult to picture holding a hot pressing Iron on the buttocks of a little girl.

Screenshot 20210312 091909
Screenshot 20210312 091917

What are your views on the matter? Leave a message. Please spread the word about this so that people can see it.

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