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“After I Served Him Bread & Tea In Bed, See What My Husband Told Me To Do” – Lady Lament.



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“After I Served Him Bread & Tea In Bed, See What My Husband Told Me To Do” – Lady Lament.

“My Husband Isn’t Romantic; See What He Told Me To Do After Serving Him Bread & Tea In Bed” – Lady

Being a wife is a huge burden. Almost every housewife has a huge responsibility on her shoulders.

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Washing the dishes, cleaning the room, caring for the children, keeping the house tidy, and cooking are all essential tasks that some housewives play on a daily basis.

However, a woman recently made a comment regarding her feelings toward her spouse.

Pretty Rib, the lady’s real name, made a joke about her husband a few hours earlier. She believed that her husband isn’t romantic because she served him hummus and tea for breakfast, but to her dismay, he ordered rice and beans for another breakfast, considering the fact that she had just served him breakfast.

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in her own words, she declared “With Nigerian guys, you can never be romantic. He said thanks iyawo mi may I have rice, beans, and dodo for breakfast after I served him breakfast in bed (two slices of bread, an omelet, and tea). So, what exactly is the bread?”

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What can you say to this?

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