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After I Told my Husband Last night he won’t Have me Except He Does This, See What He Did to Me -Lady



After I Told my Husband Last night he won’t Have me Except He Does This, See What He Did to Me -Lady


A married lady who refused to permit her husband to do his marital right last night, thought it vital to tell the members of her group on the Facebook about her husband’s anguish. 

No matter how consistent partners are, no marriage is immune from misunderstandings. Each marriage has its ups and downs. Everyone who states he/she had no misunderstandings with the wife since he/she got married either tried to mislead people or the marriage was pretentious. 

Since every marriage has its obstacles, in recent times, the majority of married individuals fear that the unmarried individuals want to be married. It’ll seldom be a day when you’ll see a complaint post from married individuals on social media (mostly in the form of “Hide My Identity”). It’s not about domestic violence, it’s about unfaithfulness. If it’s not about unfaithfulness, it will be about money concerns. 

Again, it seems that most individuals get married with one other for the wrong reason or in the lack of a certain degree of compatibility. As a result, the rate of divorce has increased as it was a decade or more ago.

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In truth, one of the things married couples should enjoy FREELY is s3x. Surprisingly, however, some married couples do not let their partners to enjoy it without constraints more frequently than not. It was suggested that if a person denies such a privilege to his spouse, it somehow leads to unfaithfulness. 

Read the lady’s narrative in the following paragraphs. 


As the lady disclosed, a few years ago she was married to her spouse. Fortunately, God blessed their marriage with five children already. However, some of the kids had CS, which made it frightening for the mother to be pregnant again since she doesn’t want to go through the sufferings her previously had. 

However, there’s a major “but.” The spouse is the sort of man that doesn’t contain himself by putting his “what” on her when they make it. So, when he wanted to know her Carnally, she accepted last night, but on the condition that he had to wear protection to not pregnant her, because she is currently in her ovulation. 

Afterwards, the husband took offense and started to be weird towards her since she urged her spouse to equip himself before coming down there. According to her, the spouse now keeps her animosity, sneaks and unnecessary even nags without any real cause, simply to punish her emotionally. She believed it advisable to speak out for guidance after having had enough. 

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The members of the group were nice and felt their anguish and put some tips on her in the comment box of the poster in return. 

See the following screenshots for some of your comments: 


Be the judge. Be the judge. Did the lady make a mistake for the condition? And does the lady deserve chilly treatment like the husband does now?

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