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After I Told my Husband Last Night He won’t Sleep With Me Except He Does This, See What He Did to Me -Lady



After I Told my Husband Last Night He won’t Sleep With Me Except He Does This, See What He Did to Me -Lady

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A married lady who refused to allow her husband to perform his conjugal right with her last night, had considered it important to disclose to the members of her group on Facebook what the painful thing her husband did to her thereafter.

Needless to point out, every marriage has its ups and downs – no marriage is free from misunderstanding no matter how compatible the couples are with each other. Anyone that says that he/she has not had any kind of misunderstanding with the spouse since they got married is either trying to deceive others or the marriage was built on pretence.

Inasmuch every marriage has its challenges, in recent times, most married people are making it scary for the single people to be desirous of marriage. Hardly a day will go buy that one won’t see a post of complaint (mostly in form of “Hide my identity”) from married people on social media. It is not on Domestic Violence, it will be on infidelity. If it is not on infidelity, it will be on financial related issues

Again, these days, it seems most people are getting married to each other with the wrong reason or they do so in the absence of some considerable level of compatibility between them. Consequently, the rate of divorce has been increasing compare to how it was a decade or more ago.

Truth be told, one of the things that married couples are supposed to FREELY enjoy is s3x. Surprisingly, though, more often than not, some married couples do not allow their spouses to enjoy that without conditions. It has been argued that, when a man or woman denies his or her spouse such right, it somehow lead to infidelity.

Read the narration of the lady in the subsequent paragraphs.

According to what the lady revealed, she has been married to her husband some years ago. Fortunately for them, God has already blessed their marriage with 5 kids. However, some of the kids were had through CS, which has made it scary for the woman to take chances of getting pregnant again, because she does not want to pass through the pains she passed through before now.

But there is a big “but”. The husband is the kind of man that is not good at controlling himself from depositing his “thing” on her when they make out. So, last night, when he wanted to have carnal knowledge of her, she agreed but on the condition that he had to use protection, so as not to impregnate her in the process because she is presently in her ovulation period.

Subsequently, because she told her husband to equip himself before going down there, the husband took offence and started acting strange towards her. According to her, the husband now keep her malice, frowns without any tangible reason and even nag unnecessarily, just to punish her emotionally. Having had enough, she thought it wise to speak out for advice.

Below are the screenshots that contain her story:

Screenshot 20210412 180132

Be the judge. Did the lady do wrong for giving him that condition? And does the lady deserve being treated coldly the way the husband presently treat her?

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