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“After My Husband Died His Dad Slept on Our Bed And Told Me I Was His New Wife” Lady Painfully Narrate



“After My Husband Died His Dad Slept on Our Bed And Told Me I Was His New Wife” Lady Painfully Narrate

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A lady by the name Esther has painfully narrated how her father in law wanted to make her his new wife after her husband died.

According to Esther, she was married at a young age and she knew nothing about marriage where she claims the age difference between her and the husband was 21 years.

She was blessed with three kids and her husband really took good care of her and the kids despite her age where she claims when her husband was alive she never lacked anything.

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Esther’s husband was shot dead and things turned worse where she claims she was left with nothing and all she was thinking of is to commit suicide.

During her husband’s burial she experienced some strange things where she claims when her husband’s family saw her husband’s coffin, they all broke into laughter and no one attended his burial.

Esther’s friends asked her to go back to Nairobi after they heard the husband’s family planning to kill her and they got scared and they could not leave her behind therefore they went back to Nairobi with Esther.

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On arriving at Nairobi, he found her father in law sleeping on her matrimonial bed where he told her that she was going to be his new wife and this made Esther very angry and she ran away with her kids.

She claims that everything her husband left behind was divided among the family members and she was left with nothing and she almost killed herself and the kids.

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She claims life has not been easy for her raising her children as a single mum but she has managed to move on with life and she is becoming stronger each and every day for her kids.

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