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After taking Drugs Man Looses His Sense of Reasoning, Jumped From a 2 story Building (Video)



After Talking Drugs Man Looses His Sense of Reasoning, Jumped From a 2 Story Building (Video)

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The warning against abuse of drugs is what federal ministry of health is giving to Young youth of this generation, yet most of them have decided to pay a deaf ears to such warning by choosing to do what please them, taking drugs against it prescription.

This act of drugs abuse had caused havoc in the society as many youths who are drugs addicted turned themselves into something else that is not appreciated by the society.

However, While we were surfing through the social media, we came across a video footage of concerning a young boy who list his medulla oblongata after taking over doze of drugs.

In the video footage, the boy was seen being mock by his friends as he started behaving strangely, all of a sudden he stood up from the chair were he sat and ran straight, jumped down the story building.

His friends tried to stopped him from going out unfortunately he outrun them and they were not able to stop him before jumping down.


Watch Video below

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