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After This man’s wife Left him when he Became Blind, see What His Daughter Did (Photos)



After This man’s wife Left him when he Became Blind, see What His Daughter Did (Photos)

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A child’s affection for his or her parents, on the other hand, may be the most wonderful thing every parent could ever hope for, and even more so, this man’s child and daughter have done the unthinkable in the face of a complicated and trying circumstance. I came across a story about a man who was left blind, causing his wife to leave him, but what touched me the most was what his daughter did when she realized her father’s condition. Daniel Isaac, a caring and young father of 46 years old, was unlucky when he started to feel sand in his eyes, which scratched him and gradually caused him to lose his ability to see clearly.


Daniel Isaac, who described himself as a grinder who grinds pepper, melon, and other items at Mile 3, started to face difficulties, but he had no choice but to keep hustling, despite the difficulties. According to Precious Daniel, Mr Daniel’s 19-year-old daughter, the situation became urgent, and her mother wanted to relocate. She begged her to accompany her, but she declined, claiming that there would be no one to provide about his father and her own husband. According to Precious, who said that it had a negative impact on her lifestyle, her mother became enraged and left the house with the two of them.



However, motivated by sympathy, empathy, and utter strength, she stood by her father, assisting him in going to his shop, holding his hands as she crossed roads, and even standing by him at the market on most occasions, despite the fact that he only makes 150 or 200 Naira per day. The daughter who has stood by her father for years admitted that she has been his rock and that her whole thought process is centered on his well-being.



Precious, who accompany her father to the market every day, supports him, and ensures that he is in good health, also disclosed that before the pandemic, her father was able to earn 600 Naira, but that things are now complicated for them, but that they would not give up. What a moving and emotional experience to be a part of. What are your opinions on this? Share them in the comments section below, and like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more fascinating news from all over the world.




BBC News is the source for this information.

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