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AGENDA Revealed: “Captain Smart exposes Big Men, arranges coded meetings with them to take huge money and kill the story” – Ace journalist speaks



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Angel Broadcasting Network (ABN) worker, Charlotte Alhassan, popularly known as Queen Shy has revealed that her former work colleague Captain Smart wasn’t fighting for Ghana as he claims in most of his rants.

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According to her, she has been a huge follower of the latter’s program “Fabewoso” where Captain Smart always brings documents to name institutions and government officials running down the country.

Queen Shy narrated that on one occasion, she received a call from a government official who explained to her that he has been named by Captain Smart for defrauding the country and since they are both presenters, he wanted to know if she could help him get in touch with Captain Smart.

Fast forward, she asked another person for Captain Smart’s phone number which he forwarded to that official.

The two later met at an agreed location where the official gave him some huge cash for him to kill the story which he (Captain Smart) did shortly after receiving the money.

She revealed that it didn’t end there as another official also met him on a different date and gave him money to kill a story he was doing about him.

She questioned why someone who claims to be fighting for the development of the country would be taking monies from the people who are causing problems in the country?

Queen Shy, therefore, asked that no one should tag Captain Smart as a freedom fighter because he is not one of them adding that he is just claiming to be a member so he can achieve his personal cum selfish aim.


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