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Agrarian revolution will guarantee food, job security



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By Jide Orintunsin, Abuja

Director General of the Voice of Nigeria (VON) Mr. Osita Okechuwku has canvassed massive support by teeming youths in for Buhari Agrarian Revolution – #BUGREV to ensure food and job security in the country.

He threw the challenge in Abuja while addressing members of APC Press Corps at the National Secretariat of the party.

Okechuwku said if the project had been fully embraced since 2015 it was flagged off, it would have grossly addressed the increasing wave of unemployment among the teeming youths.

He noted his call for massive support for the agrarian revolution would be a panacea to palpable discontent, despair, gross unemployment and gross inequality in the country.

The APC chieftain said: “We are among the top ten most populous countries of the world and we have the single honour of median age advantage of youths making over 60%. China, India and even USA do not have that median youth advantage, only Brazil and Indonesia approximate our ranking. However, this advantage also has disadvantages, this is what #BUGREV is set to correct.”

The VON boss added: “With #BUGREV our quest to lift 100 million people out of poverty in 10 years, the urgent need to halt all manner of insecurity bedevilling us and the imperative to reduce the stark economic inequality rests squarely on back to land.”

He noted every square meter of land from north to south, east to west is fertile and provides luxuriant life to any specie of flora and fauna found on earth.

Okechuwku said without prejudice to the oil and gas reserve, “#BUGREV is the main beacon to actualisation of our giant status in Africa” adding that the revival of the agric sector would also help subsistence farmers migrate to commercial farmers.

According to him: “With massive mobilisation, #BUGREV will balance our external trade deficit, assist in no small measure in offsetting our foreign loans and enhance our economic diplomacy.”

He then appealed to the media help government promote the lofty gains in the agric revolution project.

“Permit me to use this forum to appeal to all Nigerians to buy into the Buhari Agrarian Revolution – #BUGREV, as a road map to Nigeria’s Resorgimento.

“Our people, especially the teeming youths and women, are yet to embrace this milestone as expected; hence one sincerely appeal to the fourth estate of the realm to join the enlightenment crusade and spread the good news.

#BUGREV (Buhari’s Agrarian Revolution), which was launched on 17th November 2015, in the early stages of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration, is a policy dear to Mr President’s heart and indeed his initiative touches on our common heritage and our uncommon Almighty God’s endowment,” Okechuwku concluded.

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