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Ahafo Region: Beautiful country club & safari built by the whites in Mim left abandoned in the thick forest by successive governments



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Some years back when the Mim Timber Company in the then Brong-Ahafo Region was functional, some whites who used to run the place built a country club and safari.

The country club and safari were built in the green forest to serve as a recreation centre for the workers and ultimately to be a place of tourist attraction.

This beautiful place was built by Desmond Charmant. They had wanted to expand the entire project to include other key tourist sites and sceneries.

But when the Mim Timber Company went on its knees, the nation failed to rescue the beautiful country club and safari built in the thick forest; and after many years have been left abandoned to rot.

At the time, Mim was a very important location not only for the production of timber for export but also for the production of the Mim Cashew Brandy. The Management Club as it is called has been left to rot although it has everything to give you the feel of a contemporary place of relaxation.

If this place was indeed protected, maintained and upgraded, many Ghanaians will not need to travel to the Maldives to experience what a Safari is since the best Safari is just located right now in the thick bushes of the Ahafo Region.

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