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Aik Eke, Chacha Eke’s Brother, Debunks Claims Of Domestic Violence Against His Sister



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Aik Eke, the brother of Nollywood actress Chacha Eke, has taken to social media to debunk claims that his sister went through domestic violence in her marriage.

The actress had taken to social media to share a short video of herself announcing that she was ending her seven year old marriage. Although the actress did not elaborate on the reason for her divorce, some social media users alleged that, she had endured domestic violence from her husband all through the seven years of marriage and that was the reason for her divorce.

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Her brother, Aik Eke, who seemed unhappy about the allegations has responded with a lengthy write up on social media to debunk the claims. According to him, Chacha Eke has her own reason for ending her marriage. He added that she is doing “fine” and will be heard very soon.

He wrote;

There was a time in 2012 when I always post my negative experiences on Social media, I post when I’m hungry, when I’m sad, when I’m broke, when I’m sick etc. My Mom and Sister (Charity) told me to stop posting and showing the world my pains that people will pretend to sympatise with me and use my weakness against me someday. The advice helped me to master the art of social media, it made me show the world what I wanted them to see and not all of me. Surprisingly Charity did the unexpected on Saturday morning with the viral video but I paused and thought “What if she did not break the rule? What if she only wanted the world to see a bit of what she wants to show them.” She said and I quote “I’m Done, I’m not crazy, you’ll hear from me soon”.

She’s done

She’s not crazy

You’ll hear from her soon

I admit her mistake by bringing it on social media but if it worked for her at the moment, if it was a way to calm her down in whatever she was passing through then it was worth it

I’ve been receiving calls and text messages, I’ve seen different posts with different and funny captions. People has gone ahead with their versions and has concluded what happened but no, THIS WAS NOT A CASE OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, FAR FAR FROM IT… IT HAS NEVER BEEN, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HAS RECEIPTS (SCARS, BRUISES ETC). People have different reasons for wanting to quit their union but DOMESTIC VIOLENCE has become the most mentioned, assumed and popular in this part of the world. Similar things happens when someone’s threshold for pain has been exhausted, when someone has reached an elastic limit. It’s OK to let emotions out in which ever way that works best for one as far as it does not bring harm.

Please let me use this medium to reply all messages and calls, She is very fine and smiling. I repeat this is not a case of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE and it’s not in my place to tell you whatever ensued.

Thanks for the care


See a screenshot of the post below;

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