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Air Force Officers Stabbed Me In Kaduna – Ex Corper (Disturbing Photos)



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A Nigerian man has shared his shocking experience with some military personnel in Southern Kaduna. Read the graphic story and see pictures after the cut.

My name is Yohanna Ishaku Musa. I am Bajju by tribe from Jema’a Local Government Area of Kaduna state.

This is my story of how I almost got killed by security personnels in Southern Kaduna.


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On the 5th of December 2020 at about 8pm I was attacked by three guy later discovered were air force personnels. They didn’t wear uniform, neither did they Identify themselves. The incident happened at gidan waya, Jema’a local government area of Kaduna state.

I had gone to visit my cousin who lives there. I branched at a football viewing centre where I saw only few guys inside the football the hall. The TV was on but no game was being shown. I asked the guys seated inside the hall “won’t there be Chelsea game?”

Immediately one guy among them kicked me on my chest with his leg and put his hand in his back pocket to remove something I later realized was jack knife, i ran out of the viewing centre without knowing that the other two guys were following me. They then cought up with me outside.

Initially I thought they were cultists so I offered them my phone and money in exchange for my freedom but they refused Instead, they started beating me mercilessly. I was crying and pleading with them to let me be and even calling for helps from passersby telling them am an c corp member. No one came to my aid from the moment they started beating and threatening to kill me till the point at which I got stabbed, Infact another guy came with a long knife which I described as sword because the knife was so long. The third guy raised the knife to hit me but missed me.

Eventually I got stabbed by one them. I was so helpless, I have to believe that my death has finally come, but I don’t know how God help me to escape from their hands. While in excruciating pains I remember grabbing one of them whom I got a knife around his waist which I pulled in self defense and stabbed two of the guys. While the third guy ran away after struggling to take the knife from me to no avail. While all these were happening I still thought they were cult boys.
We finally discovered at the hospital that they were actually military personnels but were on hard drugs on the day of the incident.

While at the hospital i was again attacked by their colleagues. I narrowly escape death the second time at the hospital. Yet, I got handcuffed to my bed for six days, while my NYSC certificate that was taken to show proof of my identity was confiscated and yet to be returned to me till date even though they returned my smart phone which they ceased at the scene. Aside that, I was locked in their own cell (guardroom) for more than two days, while I was still on treatment, they took me away from the hospital, was nearly killed, even at their base.

No food, no medical care, infact cold and mosquitos dealt with me to the extent I felt I was going to die, despite that they still gave me cutlass to cut grasses and gave me broom to sweep their compound. and fetch water.

The parents of the Airforce guys got involved and together with our traditional rulers pleaded with our family to settle amicably without taking the case to court.

No body is aware of this matter right now… even the police failed to take any statement.

I am now free except for the fact that my NYSC certificate is still not with me since they ceased it from me.

I have gotten some jobs opportunities but because of the unavailability of my certificate I couldn’t take any.

Nigerians, I need justice!

Yohanna Ishaku Musa

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