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Aisha Yesufu Defends Kiki Mordi’s After Colleague Attempted Suicide



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Aisha Yesufu, a popular Nigerian activist has defended journalist, Kiki Mordi after it was reported that her colleague drank sniper in an attempt to commit suicide for not being credited in her latest documentary, “Sex for grades” which earned her awards and recognition.

Kiki Mordi had earlier today deactivated her Twitter account, after she denied any wrong doing, she had said on Twitter;

“I said this on Twitter, in my interviews, on the actual film. I never hid this from anyone and I certainly never stole anyone’s story or credits.”

Traumatised reporter, Ogechi Obidiebube, would subsequently attempt to take her life by taking a poisonous substance.

According to reports by her friend @joshbillz who reached out to her after she posted a distressing video, he revealed that Oge had indeed committed suicide.

He revealed that Oge has been rushed to the hospital after she was found lifeless and two bottles of sniper was found in her room. He also stated that they had to break the door in other to get inside the room.

Her friends reportedly took her to two different hospitals which rejected her before she was taken to a general hospital.

Aisha Yesufu has now jumped to Kiki Mordi’s defence in an open letter on Twitter.

The activist sent words of encouragement to the journalist.

She Wrote;

“Dear @kikimordi

You are amazing. You are gorgeous. You live your life on your own terms & unapologetic about how others view that life❤. Above all you are talented! This is me saying to you, Tuale! Keep being you & don’t dim your lights for anyone. Shine forth & dazzle us all!”

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