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Bisola Aiyeola And Her Lovers Have Been Epic On The First Episodes Of ‘Shoot Your Shot’!



It’s been three episodes of nerves, guts and aww-inducing love stories on Africa Magic’s brand new show, ‘Shoot Your Shot’ hosted by actress and BBNaija alumnus, Bisola Aiyeola.

shoot your shot

‘Shoot Your Shot’ might be a popular phrase in pop culture and social media but the show is like nothing we’ve ever seen on Nigerian TV.

Bisola and the ‘Shoot Your Shot’ team set the ball rolling for secret admirers to voice their feelings for their crush. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t, but the build-up and the dates make for a really good watch.

In episode 1, we met Obinna Montero, a 26-year-old Lagos-based chef who has been secretly crushing on Jessica Kings, a fellow chef. The two had met on a cooking show and despite taking an instant liking to her, he never mustered the courage to tell her how he truly feels about her.

And here’s where Shoot Your Shot came in. With the help of Bisola and the team, he set up an intimate dinner where he poured out his heart to Jessica.

Jessica, 21, was a bit hesitant initially because according to her, she sees Obinna around Festac Town with a couple of girls. Obinna tried to explain that he doesn’t have any feelings for those girls, but she insisted that they remain friends and see how it goes.

After a little persuasion and intervention by Bisola, Jessica gave in and admitted she was being coy because she’s always liked him.

In episode 2, Emmanuel Akpotang a 32-year-old technician and repentant serial player tries to win the heart of Vivian Nwabueze, a student and entrepreneur.

They met on a set where they were both working but at the time she was in a relationship. A couple of months ago, however, she broke up with her boyfriend and he saw it as an opportunity to slide in.

He approached the Shoot Your Shot team to help set him up with Vivian.

Vivian, 23, was very excited about meeting her admirer but all that changed the moment she set her eyes on him.

She accused him of being a serial cheat and said he was the last person she expected to see.

Not even the intimate setting or Bisola’s pleas could get her to give him a chance.

Episode 3 introduced us to Matilda Okonkwo, the first female admirer on the show.

Matilda is a 22-year-old model who’s currently studying Criminology at the National Open University.

Matilda has had a crush on Eddy Montana, 27,  a car dealer and model, from the moment she first saw him at the mall with a mutual friend.

She was immediately struck by his incredibly good looks but also the fact that he didn’t pay any attention to her. See, Matilda has always been used to men falling over themselves to get her attention so you can understand why Eddy’s attitude piqued her interest.

She wasn’t bold enough to ask for his number, so she started stalking him on social media and even bombarding his DMs with messages, all to no avail.

When Bisola eventually introduced both of them, Eddy didn’t remember her, but he was pleasantly surprised by her beauty. And when she finally worked up the courage to ask him to be her boyfriend, he didn’t waste any time saying yes.

What will episode 4 bring us? Tune in to Africa Magic, DStv Channel 151 1t 6:30 PM this Sunday to find out!

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She stated that women are not only baby making machines, and therefore, the decision to raise a family should be solely dependent on the couple.

She wrote:

“The way I’m looking at the next person who drops a pregnancy comment on my post. Continue reading if you don’t want to get BLOCKED. (I’m not joking).

“I’ve ignored them for the longest now but according to the womb watchers on social media I have been pregnant for over a YEAR. So let me get this off my heart. Some people have flat stomachs naturally and some people have big stomachs naturally. The latter is ME. And when I’m on my period it is even BIGGER. I don’t owe anyone a flat stomach but still I try to suck in my belly in every single picture and sometimes I do it better than others. The worst is that even when I’m proud of my ‘sucking in skills’ on a particular picture there is always SOMEONE who still comments something about pregnancy. This is a habit that HAS TO STOP.

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“This Is Pure Evil” – Tiwa Savage Blasts Pulse NG After Publication On Her Music Tagged ‘Falling Career’



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tiwa savage

Motolani Alake, one of Pulse NG’s writers had written an opinionated article about Tiwa Savage’s music tagged “failing career.”

Pulse NG article on tiwa savage falling career

This however was followed with a series of backlash as Tiwa called out the journalist on Twitter, and now finally attacked the media house directly.

Quoting one of Pulse’s article on Twitter, the mother of one wrote;

“I’m glad you know it’s YOU guys I was talking about. “Because say I quiet no mean say I be fool” – don’t try and turn nigerian media against me to hide your guilty conscience. Ask all the media houses I have great relationships with them. What you did with this is pure EVIL.”

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