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Boyfriend Slaps Girlfriend’s Friends in Public For Allowing Her To Cheat On Him (Video)



A video trending online shows a Nigerian man slapping his girlfriend’s friends in public for allow her girlfriend to cheat on him.

However, being in love with someone who doesn’t love you can really heartbreak you. Infidelity is something that has really messed up many people’s relationships.

Both men and women cheat, with each having different reasons as to why they cheat on their loved ones.

Finding a true love has been a problem in our modern society owing to many things that happen around us. People do many things to get someone who truly loves them, or turn those who don’t love them to start having a strong feeling towards them.

This is the case with one Nigerian guy, who was captured on video teaching a lesson to his girlfriend’s friends.

People do different things when they are cheated on. However, his move to slap a group of his lady’s wasn’t cool not unless they helped her cheat on him.

Watch the video below:

What would you have done if your girlfriend cheated on you?

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