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Brazil’s Most Violent Gang Escapes From Prison By Digging A Tunnel, Caught On CCTV

The nine men, believed to belong to a violent drug-smuggling gang, made the move in the early hours of Sunday (July 18) according to news site

A hole was dug in the cell where the prisoners were being held in Capina da Lago a, in western Paraná.

They snuck out to the courtyard of the police station and then climbed over the wall, as shown in the CCTV.

Before they jump they throw belongings over the wall and then run for it, sometimes dropping the items in the rush.

One of the fugitives, Robson Bueno, was quickly apprehended when he fled to his ex-partner’s house but the other escapees were reported to still be on the run.

The prisoners are said to be behind several violent crimes such as robbery, murder, and drug trafficking.

It is claimed they are members of the notorious Primeiro Comando da Capital (First Command of the Capital) which has more than 13,000 members.

The escapees were named in Brazilian media as: Jose Mateus Xavier, Rahmen Cassin, Lourival Masiero, Francisco Vaz do Nascimento Neto, Savio Junior Borges, Edson dos Santos da Rosa, Carlos Henrique Ferreira de Oliveira, Givanildo Luiz Paulo de Brito, Robson Bueno Ricardo.

Primeiro Comando da Capital gangsters were previously filmed using rocket launchers in a terrifying robbery that killed a policeman.

They reportedly blasted into the vaults of security firm Prosegur with C-4 plastic explosive to rob the equivalent of £31 million.

Another gruesome video from a jail in Brazil shows bloodthirsty prisoners behead rival inmates then play football with their heads after a riot was triggered.

There were 57 deaths and a fire, with 16 inmates beheaded and others dying from smoke inhalation.

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