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Buhari Government Provoking South-Westerners By Hunting Sunday Igboho – Yoruba Group

Yoruba socio-cultural group, Voice of Reason (VoR) has lashed out at the Buhari administration for the persecution of Yoruba activist and freedom fighter, Sunday Igboho by the Department of State Services.

The group accused Buhari of nepotism, noting that the President’s selection pattern did not represent the country’s variety or federal character. Chairman of the group, Dr Olufemi Adegoke, in a statement, blasted the Buhari administration.

The statement partly read.“Our message is to our compatriots who are occupiers of political offices under the current regime and others in the dominant parties who intend to waste resources on another bid to be favoured with crumbs i.e tickets to contest the 2023 elections.

The political parties have a timeless and do-nothing agenda that is patently obvious to the blind.

“The new Electoral Act with allegedly rigged provisions that are discordant to transparency and the bizarre allocation of polling units based on rigged population numbers in the North are further inklings of what awaits those that are undiscerning.

We note and warn of the advent of another Maradonic era that culminated in the debacle and destruction of the unfulfilled MKO Abiola election.

“Without the restructuring of Nigeria, the quest for another round of elections based on the 1999 constitution is a ruse of epic proportions. It will be a tragedy to be fooled once again,”

“Events happening within the South West of Nigeria have shown that the Yoruba have become an endangered species in Nigeria, a country they invested their sweat and blood to achieve independence for, in 1960. Since 1947 till date, the Yoruba have responded to the surreptitious, premeditated and relentless pursuit of dominance over all other Nigerians by a small group of Northern oligarchs, by commending to all Nigerians the virtues of collective, inclusive, self-reliant and self-governing federating units to manage our diversity as a true Federation.

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