Chimamanda Adichie calls out the catholic Church at her mother’s funeral mass

Well-known award-winning Nigerian writer Chimamanda Adichie has reacted after a Catholic Priest criticised her during her mother’s burial ceremony in Abba, Anambra state.

The acclaimed novelist said she returned to clarify her statement about some comments she made about the Catholic Church in Nigeria since she values the Abba community and the Catholic Church.

Adichie explained that she left the church after she realized that the church was more interested in making money than any other thing. She continued by stating that individuals should not be forced to pay money to the church, but rather should give voluntarily.

She made her reasons known in an article titled: ‘Dreaming as a single family’. She explained that she was born and raised as a Catholic but she later had to leave the Church over some things she thought to be awkward and impartial.

She wrote, “I was raised Catholic, on the campus of the University of Nigeria. We attended a love-filled church run by the Spiritan congregation.

“As a teenager, I wore my Catholic identity like a favorite dress, joyfully and reverently. I was a self-styled Catholic apologist, arguing passionately with the Protestant children in defense of such subjects as the Blessed Virgin Mary, tradition, and transubstantiation.”

“Years later, something changed. My pious passion withered. I remember my first moment of recoil from the church, when a gentle and devout couple was banned from communion because their daughter had married an Anglican.

“It felt to me not only uncharitable, but unnecessarily so, as did other subsequent incidents, such as poor people who were refused burials because they owed money to the church.

“This happened in my ancestral hometown, in a provincial parish far from the university campus where I grew up. But after the Spiritans left, an uncharitable chill also descended on my university church.

“On Sundays, women of all ages were often harassed, men barring their entry into the church unless they wrapped themselves in shawls to hide their shoulders and arms (which apparently would cause men in the church to sin.)

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