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Citation EP Is A Testament To The Beauty Of Diversity



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If you’ve seen Citation the movie, then you know why we had to review the soundtrack. With such a fresh movie concept in multiple languages and showing a bit of the diversity in Africa, I expected the album to be nothing less than outstanding and I wasn’t disappointed.

Citation EP

Citation EP was executively produced by multi-award-winning filmmaker Kunle Afolayan and features Kofo Wonder, Kent Edunjobi and Peace Abosede. The EP houses 5 unique soundtracks that were created especially for the movie. I gave them a listen and here’s how I feel about each.


Abosede’s voice caught me by surprise. It has such a light texture but at the same time a certain depth to it. The fact that she sang in three different languages (English, Yoruba and French) on this track was the icing on the cake. Her fluid switch between the languages had me wishing I was multilingual so I could sing along fluently. The sound also gave me a wistful vibe, wishing for things that are yet to happen.

Senegale Bi Ge Niale

This song is like a love song from Kent to Senegal. I have never been to the country, so as I listened, I tried to picture what it would look like. I imagined a country with different languages, just like the song. The instrumental is so beautiful; something I would play as a background song to my life to make it more exciting.

Cava Senegal

Think of a symphony, because that is what this song is – a symphony of instruments with vocals to create such a melodious sound. This has to be my second favourite song on this EP. That the song is not in English doesn’t stop me from enjoying it, because music crosses language barriers. I found myself singing along whenever the chorus came on. Kent’s voice holds such a melodious quality that every time the song came on, I paused just to savour it properly.


There’s something about this song that reminds me of hot nights in Spain. Don’t ask me how I know, I’ve never been to Spain. The song just makes you want to dance. What upsets me the most about the song is that it’s too short. I would have loved it if the song was longer. Kent’s vocals are so soothing and I really love hearing him sing. I am definitely looking for more of his projects. Now I can say that no song named ‘Senorita’ is a bad song. Psquare, anyone?!


I think by now we can say Abosede’s voice deserves accolades. You can hear the raw emotion in her voice as she sings for Moremi. This song is so wistful and their voices compliment each other so well. I can almost picture a mother calling for her child with this song. The song had Kent Edunjobi, Abosede Peace and Kofo Wonder together and I must say, they make a pretty great team. Maybe I should write to them requesting a joint album.

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