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Continue attracting FBI and EFCC, Hushpuppi is in American prison now — Deji Adeyanju, cautions those spraying money at events

Nigerian activist, Comrade Deji Adeyanju has condemned the practice by some Nigerians who spray money at events following viral video of some top businessmen and friends of Obi Cubana lavishing millions of naira at his mum’s funeral.

In series of tweets he made, Deji Adeyanju asserted that even the richest men in the world will not throw money anyhow and pointed to the fact that this was how some people raised questions about the source of Hushpuppi’s wealth as he sprayed wads of dollars and nairas at public events.

According to him, Hushpuppi made people jealous of him and today he is in prison in the US and they can’t watch the Hushpuppi-like characters negatively brainwash your people and advised his followers not to be put under pressure of any sort because societal pressure is why some people have turned kidnapping, yahoo yahoo, and even banditry into a profession.

Deji Adeyanju opined that actions are attracting the attention of the EFCC and FBI.

See his tweets below;

Reacting to his commentary on Instagram,


Whether you like it or not, lavishing money in a country where many languish in abject poverty is not ok. That’s why many young men took to crime

@therealfatfact wrote;

One thing this people don’t understand is that “Money spraying is Igbo tradition. It’s their living . If the richest man in the world is an Igbo man. He will spray money like that . It is tradition and tradition is a way of living.

@iam_mrchilling wrote;

Rubbish talk ….na business men full there …. you’re the one attracting efcc with this envious talk

@andyblayz wrote;

I said this before and the myopic ones with litany of excuses began foaming and moaning

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