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“Conversations About House Chores And Cooking Is Because You’re Poor” – Nigerian Man Says



A man took to Twitter to blast people who argue about cooking and doing house chores in marriages, saying such conversations are for the poor.

He pointed out that when he gained access to a washing machine for the first time, he stopped bothering himself with conversations about washing.

He added that the same goes for arguments about who pays the bills on a date.

He tweeted: “Gained access to a washing machine in college and promptly stopped bothering myself with conversations about washing clothes. You engage in some conversations simply because you’re poor or you’ve been poor for so long.

“Conversations about house chores and cooking? Yup, you guessed right. It’s because you’re poor or have been for so long. Saying so because in Nigeria, these issues can be solved with 50k or less per month.

“Honorary mention to conversations about paying for dinner dates and stuff. You see that passion with which you argue about the subject, that’s how passionately poverty is romancing or has romanced your life. May God make a way. Quickly.”

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