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‘Depression Left Me & Entered Moesha’ – Funny Face Jokingly Reacts (VIDEO)

Ghanaian comic actor Funny Face has reacted to Moesha Boduong’s currently presumed mental instability as he advises her to take it easy.

Of course, Funny Face addressed the situation from what he knows best – being funny.

funny face moesha boduong
Depression Left Me & Entered Moesha – Funny Face Reacts (VIDEO)

He noted in the video that he has been dancing with depression and he is a senior of depression.

Revealing that God will intervene, he asserted that depression left him and entered Moesha, jokingly.

He further thanks Adebayor for giving him a car during his depression as he revealed that the car helped him to survived his depression.

Funny captioned while sharing his video:

Pls PRAY 4 MOESHA my girl ❤️🇬🇭😭

✊🏾🔥 “ GYE NYAME “ ✊🏾🔥 When I was praying dis dawn around 2:11 am .. I saw something .. which I will tell u my #FUNNYFANs my #SWAAGONFAMILY later .. pls let’s all help join hands and pray for MOESHA.. she need love now more Dan anything .. more criticism will rather drown her in deep emotions .. which will let her commit suicide .. pls What she is going through is not easy .. all we have do is show her more love ❤️.. she wanted to commit suicide .. cos she thinks da world hate her now .. pls am speaking from Experience ❤️🔥🕊✊🏾🇬🇭 been through worse situation dan her .. but JEHOVAH brought me out in peace ✌️.. JEHOVAH can do it too for u sis .. I love you 😘

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