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Download Music Mp3:- EmmyRexx Deadlytwinz – MMM (Money Must Be Made)



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Download Music Mp3:- EmmyRexx Deadlytwinz – MMM (Money Must Be Made)

Fast rising artist “EmmyRexx Deadlytwinz” titled “MMM (Money Must Be Made)”.

The Jos arrist has continued to thrill their fans with hit songs.

Download and enjoy!


Song lyrics…

First verse…wah ah gwan    wah gwan nuh deadlytwinz wan arrive pan di stereo can you hear me tho turn on ya radio ten thousand gunshot salute nuh. 

Wickid vibes now we topping all da countdown 

Tell ya man over there e ya fi calm down 

Me at the table pan di top me no fit come down

Mana seen alota things so me testify bat boy ah test i, i gat  Selassie the last time you ah fit seen another bad guy 

Badgyal ah link up fi di last ride so me give her same thing me give her lastnight eat that fat pun pun with me mouth see me put me hand over that big roundabout 

Said she love the way me paddle her boat ita i she ah always talking about 

Chorus (wake up in the morning (money must be made) 

Me just pick up me phone n (money must be made )

Even when me horny( money must be made,money must be made money must be made )x2

Verse 2 …. where ya at when me story began 

Unu know say Mana king Ina me land rude boy ah never fear Babylon back Ina jaytown is where me story began 

Boy ah point me a gun himma think say me go run Rastafarian yet no Dread cross me line next thing ya dead use me chain saw grind and split up ya head (ah)

Skip the past me ya thinking ahead(ahead) enemies dema wish me a dead but the blood of Jehovah ah cover me head 

Fire burn enemies to the bone with them family too so them Naga die alone (never) no Dread lock original Rasta roll up puff puff pass me d ganja no man alive could ah  stop this gangster…

Chorus x2

3rd verse ..  from the look Ina ya eye you wan some from me 

Me love the way you make that booty bounce on me Juana tell me what you want from me bartender more shots of tequila from zero to hero ya hear nuh nuf ah rythym gon burst up the air nuh the boombox ah burn we ah come back again nuh 

Hip hop couda never been thesame nuh 

Who couda cross that line never risk it think it rude boy dema skanky dirty swag likkle boy you are stanking 

You wan go ah war what ya thinking 

Me never make noise ma thing ah low-key (low-key) 

Ya never know me ya gyal ah know me (she knows me) 

Nobody ah fit know say you give it up 

Throw ah likkle something pan d floor watch you pick it up 

..Chorus againx2 

Outro …ah there ya have it me nah need none of ya boombaclath talk if it ain’t all about the moola the chaddah me a paper chaser anyday anytime me ah chase the paper shake  ya money maker anything couda happen later no need fi Dem noise maker E.i.c.l Emmyrexx deadlytwinz money must be made

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