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#EndSARS: Family Members Besiege LASUTH, Mainland Hospital Over Missing Persons



According to Daily Trust, the family members of Nigerians who went missing during the #EndSARS protests are searching for their loved ones.

The family members looking for their loved ones yesterday, besieged the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, LASUTH, Ikeja and the Mainland Hospital, formerly known as Infectious Disease Hospital, IDH, Yaba.

The family members visited the facilities in response to the announcement made by the Lagos State Chief Coroner, Hon. Justice M. A Dada, on Wednesday, calling for the identification of missing persons between October 19 and 27, 2020 – a period that witnessed protests against police brutality and disbandment of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad.

In the public announcement, Dada gave next-of-kin of the missing persons two weeks to provide means of identification of themselves and their missing loved ones so as to assist the identification exercise.

According to the chief coroner, it is only after a definitive scientific identification that the bodies of the deceased shall be released for burial.

It was mixed feelings for the family members, who were kept at the Lecture Theatre/Demo Room of the department of pathology and forensic medicine, as some of them saw their missing loved ones while others were not so lucky.

Seventy three-year-old Adijatu Ogunfowora shed tears uncontrollably while narrating how her only son, 38-year-old Sunday Adeyemi Ogunfowora, was killed during the protest at Ifako Gbagada on October 15. The elderly woman, who is a widow and had lost a daughter as well, said she is from Ijebu in Ogun State but gave birth to her seven children in Lagos. She was in the company of her daughter, Mosunmola, and son in-law, Nicole Olatokunbo.

“He was killed by a stray bullet during the protest. He lives on the street where the protest was held. After, he was shot, we ran to Ifako Police Station but they didn’t release his body to us. At first, they denied having his body in their custody, until much later when they said they have taken all those killed to IDH. We found his body at IDH on October 19. The attendant told us that he was brought naked around 1am on the day he was shot. Imagine, someone that was shot around 10am,” Olatokunbo said while fighting back tears.

The relatives of the deceased said they have been visiting the hospital since October 19, but the management refused to release the body, claiming that it was awaiting approval from the state government.

“Luckily for us, we got a call on Monday that the government has asked them to release corpses related to the #EndSARS protest but we would need to come to LASUTH to process it. We have been asked to provide his photo, our national ID cards and his. We have been here for four hours now but we are yet to get his body,” Olatokunbo added.

The mother, who described her deceased son as easy-going and said she has accepted her fate and not interested in any court case or judicial panel, pleaded with the government to release the body so she can bury her son.

“I have accepted my fate. I don’t care about what the government is going to do to the perpetrators. They killed him when he should be feeding me. The government should release his corpse, without burying him, I can’t rest. I have accepted my fate but I should not be punished like this. Imagine, coming from Gbadaga and Bariga every week because I want to claim the body of my son at this my age. I can’t sleep, I am always weeping,” she said as other relatives consoled her.

The elder sister, Mosunmola, said her brother’s dreams and aspirations were cut short in his prime as the family was planning for the first year remembrance of their father who died last year.

“He is a good, easy going person. He does not fight. People always mock him that he is too fearful because he will always run away from trouble or anything that can cause intervention of police. It is not up to a year we lost our father. We were planning the first year remembrance before his life was cut short. Our mother is a known APC stalwart in Gbagada. Four of us are also in the party but look at what has befallen us,” she wailed.

A distraught Ngozi Ojukwu was not lucky as she is still looking for her nephew, Chinedu Agbasielo, who went missing more than a month ago.

Twenty eight-year-old Agbasielo, a phone repairer at Ikotun, went missing on October 20 after policemen allegedly opened fire on protesters.

“He was not at the protest ground. His colleagues confirmed that he was at the shop. They said they heard gunshots and everybody ran helter-skelter but since then we have been looking for him. We don’t know if he was shot, arrested or dead. We have visited many police stations to gather information and morgues but to no avail. We couldn’t find him here so they have asked me to go to mortuaries at Lagos Island and Ikorodu,” she said.

We don’t have bodies at LASUTH

The management of LASUTH has clarified that it does not have any of the bodies in its facility, stressing that only the administrative aspect of the identification exercise would be carried out at the Pathology Department of the hospital.

The Chief Medical Director (CMD) of LASUTH, Prof. Adetokunbo Fabanwo, said the hospital does not have any direct dealing with the case.

“LASUTH as an organisation does not have anything to do with this incident. It only happens that the private mortuary that is serving us is located in LASUTH; it is a private venture. And the chief medical examiner for the state, who is working in conjunction with the ministry of Justice about this case, is one of our pathologists here. So, as the Chief Medical Director, I don’t have any direct dealing over the case, so I don’t know how many bodies but I know they are not here,” he said.

It was gathered that the Ministry of Justice has directed the Chief Medical Examiner in the state, Prof. John Obafunwa to carry out autopsy on the bodies “purportedly belonging to #EndSARS protesters.”

When contacted, Prof. Obafunwa declined to comment on the matter, noting that he is not the appropriate authority to contact but pledged that no falsified information will come from him.

Meanwhile, it was gathered that bodies were not released yesterday as the family members of missing persons were directed to return to LASUTH on Monday.

Olatokunbo, who confirmed this to Daily Trust Saturday, lamented that after waiting for over five hours, the family members were asked to return for documentation on Monday while the corpse would be released on Tuesday.

Another young man who had also identified the corpse of his relative confirmed the development to our reporter.

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Trump talks of ‘another four years’ during White House Christmas reception



US leader, Donald Trump, talked during a Christmas reception at the White House on Tuesday night, December 1, 2020, about spending four more years in office — whether he was referring to January 2021 or January 2025, he didn’t clarify.

Trump lost his bid for a second term in the November 2020 presidential elections but has yet to concede to President-elect Joe Biden even though he has formally allowed his administration officials to allow the president elect’s team to begin transition.

According to reports, Trump could hold an event possibly on Inauguration Day where he will reveal his future plans as he is expected to hint at a run for 2024, leaving the door open to a comeback campaign.

Trump maintains an incredible grip on the Republican Party as GOP lawmakers have not yet recognized Joe Biden as the President-elect.

Reports from Washigton indicate Trump could announce a 2024 run when he does finally acknowledge the results even though he will dismiss the 2020 race as fraudulent.

“It’s been an amazing four years,” Trump told the room, filled with many people not wearing masks despite public health officials’ guidance amid the Covid-19 pandemic, according to CNN.

“We are trying to do another four years. Otherwise, I’ll see you in four years.” Trump added.

Trump again wrongly insisted he had won the election, saying, “But they don’t like that.” He also asked if people were watching the “fraud hearings” with his legal team — referring to acts by his attorney Rudy Giuliani has held with state legislatures in challenging the results of the election.

“Honestly, this is a disgrace,” Trump told the room.

If Trump runs in 2024 his supporters like the vice president Mike Pence, Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, former UN ambassador Nicki Halsey and even friend Kanye West could turn against him as they all want to contest for presidency in 2024.

In an interview on Sunday, Nobember 29, Trump admitted that even if Biden enters office, he will remain unconvinced he lost.

Trump told reporters last week that he’d already decided what he was doing on Inauguration Day. “I’ll be honest, I know the answer, but I just don’t want to say it yet,” he said.

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Ghana Election 2020:My Endless Love For My Country And My Husband-Rebecca Akufo-Addo Writes



Dear Ghana,

Here in this picture is a 20-year-old Rebecca Griffiths-Randolph. Unassuming, coy, and bustling in her post-teenage fickleness. Like many young girls around that age, I’m not sure I knew exactly what my life held for me.

I must have had dreams – or fantasies even, and I did care a lot about this country because I knew people who served her. Like my father, Jacob Hackenburg Griffiths-Randolph, the first African Commissioner of Income Tax. He was a Judge and later Speaker of Parliament who woke up every morning putting in his bit, hoping that Ghana got better. Did I possibly see myself leading any of these charges? Most likely not.

Yet the last four years have been humbling. I wake up every morning, adjusting to this charge of First lady; partnering a man not only for love but in deep service of our country – the first gentleman. Today, I wonder what the 20-year-old Naa Okaikor understood of marriage and of service to country. Whether she ever imagined that she would become a First Lady. And that the nation’s love would be her love and the nation’s companion would be hers too and moreso, the nation’s worries.

It’s a reality a 69-year old Rebecca Akufo-Addo has had to get used to – that if you marry a man whose heart beats for his nation, yours must beat for it too.

Indeed, many of the things Nana talks about and has achieved these last four years are things he’s talked about ever since I’ve known and been married to him. I feel privileged to see a much closer view of a man who cares more about keeping his promises. As a citizen, I’m confident about the future of this country; that it is led by a President who has shown the clearest vision about Ghana, about the economy, education, agriculture, industrialization and about young people.

And so more than ever, I feel married to politics; the kind that changes the life of a young Thomas Amoaning of Adeiso SHS who although walked 6 kilometres everyday to school never wavered in his ambition to become an Economist.

Today, I feel connected to parts of our country and our stories through the Rebecca Foundation. Ghana may be a land of possibilities but what I have seen from these last four years is that our children can only attain their fullest potential if we have a leader who is obsessed with these possibilities and who would not catch any sleep until young boys can have a country to believe in and young girls can dare to dream; to be Presidents, Business Leaders, Scientists or First-ladies if they choose to.

Fellow Ghanaians, this is why I appeal to you passionately in this election. Whether you are a first-time voter or have voted in previous elections, I humbly implore that you let your voices be heard more than ever. That you put our country first and vote massively for President Akufo-Addo and the NPP to protect our progress and make Ghana a beacon of hope to the world.

Know that leading this great nation comes with its own burdens. There are some days when you have to take decisions that are unpopular and there are days when it would feel like everybody disagrees with your stance. Indeed, there is a part of our country that constantly questions your loyalty to the nation, your commitment to her peace and progress and your faith in Ghana’s institutions and her people. And often than not, you are called to do something about it because when you are President, doing nothing is the hardest job of all.

But we have in my husband, a man whose faith in the goodness of this country is unwavering. He neither quavers in despair nor shirks responsibility even if it feels convenient. In the last four years, you have supported us with your loyalty to the country, your friendship and most importantly your prayers. As I have prayed this morning, ​as the mountains surround ​Jerusalem​, so the LORD surrounds his people both now and forever more. I urge you once again to be our voice on the 7th of December and we will be yours for the next four years as we work together to move Ghana towards her manifest destiny.
For the battle is the Lord’s.
Vote 4 more to do more.

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“Sometimes I feel neglected by God”



Big Brother Naija Star Ifu Ennada, has posted a cry for help on social media, as she said she sometimes feel like God neglected her.

Sometimes I feel neglected by God - Ifu Ennada

Many fans of the reality TV star are worried after she made the post on her social media page.

Taking to her Instastories, Ifu Ennada wrote that she has invested so much in her personal business and development this year, but is getting frustrated cause God won’t bless her when he can.

See what she wrote below;

Someone Should Help Me Beg God. I’m feeling Frustrated…
If God can just remember me and bless me, I’ll be so happy. Sometimes I feel neglected by God…
Sometimes I feel I struggle so much where others easily excel.
This year I have invested so much into my business and personal development…
My frustration comes from the fact that I know God is able to bless me… Why won’t He?
Am I such a terrible person? Did He not say a little faith was all I needed?
I’m legit tired of struggling through things


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