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On Tuesday, May 4, the Information and Culture Minister, Lai Mohammed asserted that it not the duty of the Federal Government to prosecute bandits as it doesn’t form part of the list of federal offences.

He made this known during a press conference held in Abuja.

He was referring to comments attributed to the opposition Peoples Democratic Party about the country’s security problems.

The minister said, “The PDP alleged that kidnappers and bandits are not being brought to justice. This is apparently aimed at the Federal Government.

“It is shocking that a party that ruled this nation for all of 16 years does not know that kidnapping and banditry are not federal offences.

“The PDP should therefore call out the states, including those being controlled by it, to ensure a rigorous prosecution of arrested kidnappers and bandits.

“Meanwhile, PDP conveniently forgot that as far as terrorism, a federal offence, is concerned, this Federal Government has successfully prosecuted thousands of Boko Haram members in Kainji, as part of a continuing exercise. We are now seeking the cooperation of the judiciary to continue with the trial of arrested terrorists.”

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Lai Mohammed was recently in the news after he spoke about the breaking of Nigeria. The Federal M inister of Information and Culture shared his thoughts about the breaking of Nigeria as many people are rooting for it.

According to him, it will require more effort is to break Nigeria than to fix it and he made this known in a recent submission he made on Channels TV.

In his submission, he said;

“The agitation for political restructuring is okay. However, what is not okay is the call for secession or for separation. We would need more energy to break Nigeria than to fix it. As a matter of fact, the strength of Nigeria is its diversity. So everybody agreed that secession is not an option.”


. FG’s Job Is Not To Prosecute Bandits – Lai Mohammed Follow GhGossip.

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