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Five ways to shake up your New Year



Christmas has come and gone. We are now between that awkward period as the New Year begins where no one knows what to do with themselves. The hustle and bustle caused by the reunion of loved ones and merrymaking has reduced. We’re either back to work or preparing for the next big event.

We have a few ideas on how to keep your celebrations exciting for you and your loved ones. Here are five things you can do with your family to shake up your New Year:

  1. Play Tourist

Christmas buzz has reduced but the lights are still up! This is the best time to quietly explore the city around you (in your own car).

So, get a New Year playlist; snacks and drinks; and get your family into the ride and drive through your city. Discover the sights and sounds of your city through the eyes of a tourist especially in the evening. In other words, orchestrate your fun.

BBNaija housemates in a yoga session
BBNaija housemates in a yoga session
  1. Private or Home Spa Day

Everyone deserves some form of detoxification. With the kind of year 2020 has been, you may not be aware of the amount of stress your body has been through. You can plan a DIY spa day for the family or yourself, at home. Pampering at zero cost. What’s not to crave?

Housemates watching TV
Housemates watching TV
  1. Movie Marathon

A movie marathon night with your family is a great bonding experience. Each member of the family can pick and download a movie they want, and everyone can watch together. God help you if half the family wants Bollywood flicks even when subtitles bore you to death. Close your mouth and enjoy it! When it’s your turn, pick a horror film and grin away.

MTN Pulse Home Invasion Games
MTN Pulse Home Invasion Games
  1. Game Night

Planning a family friendly, indoor game night is thankfully straight forward. A Game Master can be chosen to pick and organize the games to be played; or family members can choose games and take turns being the Game Master.

  1. Start A Gifting Tradition:

Our loved ones deserve gratitude for helping us make it through 2020. Presents are one of the best ways to show appreciation. Appreciate your loved ones with a gift or gifts as we usher the New Year in. It can be small gift like fancy stationery (with a price range of N5,000 to N10,000), a medium-level gift like a 2006 Toyota Corolla (with a starting price of N1,309,500 from Cars45 and you get free servicing the first time) or a huge gift like a house (from 10 million to 500 million). Follow your heart and your purse, my dear!

We will enjoy 2021, whether 2020 likes it or not. And one way we really want to do that is with a car from Cars45. Their hot deals are to live for! And who says we can’t give ourselves that special gift. Spoil yourself and don’t wait for anybody to do it for you!

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