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Forgive those who betrayed you and bless Nigeria – J. Martins begs ex-president Goodluck Jonathan



Singer J Martins has pleaded with ex-president Goodluck Jonathan to forgive all those who betrayed him and bless Nigeria once again.

J Martins reacting to the recent happenings revealed how Nigerians have missed ex-president Goodluck Jonathan as during his time all these never happened and even that he was called names and betrayed by some politicians as well.

According to J Martins, the corruption ex-president Goodluck Jonathan was accused of has now graduated with a double Ph.D. in the Buhari administration and yet people have kept a blind eye just because of what they get at the end.

Adding that there’s no part of Nigeria that is not under attack as if it’s not banditry, then it’s kidnapping, or Boko Haram, or the killing of security officers and these are something they never experienced under his regime even though they claimed he did nothing.

J Martins then went ahead to ask the ex-president if he can forgive all those who betrayed him and bless Nigeria as a father as his blessing will go a long way to help them succeed in so many things and fight against the injustice in the country.

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J Martins post insinuates that all this is happening in Nigeria as a result of ex-president Goodluck Jonathan not blessing them but when you take a critical look at it, he’s just trying to say how much they miss him and the peace of mind he gave them during his regime as president.

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