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Fornication Is The Reason Nigerian Youths Are Not Moving Forward

A Nigerian social media user Komolafe Sukky has spoken on the effects of fornication and adultery on the Nigerian economy and in the life of an average Nigerian youth, saying these acts are the reason the youths are not making progress.

Fornication and adultery are two terms that have been substituted with sexual immorality or premarital sex and cheating or extra-marital affairs. While the former is engaged in by lovers who are not married, the latter is engaged in by married lots, and both have variations such as Baby Mama, Baby Daddy, Sugar Daddy and Mummy and the Side Chic concepts.Fornication is The Reason Nigerian Youths Are Not Moving Forward - Komolafe Sukky

Taking to his Instagram page to address these issues, Komolafe Sukky opined that fornicating and adultery takes one’s glory away, adding that if the devil does one afflict or convict one with vices such as smoking and drinking, he will definitely afflict his victims with adultery and/or fornication.

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“If the devil does not catch you while smoking and drinking, confirm, he will catch you in adultery. Fornication and adultery kill faster than bullets. It’s killing our youths, that is why we are not going far. You see the man’s privates, it stones glory to death and the woman’s privates conceal glories. This is confirmed, the Bible said it. It is killing us, you don’t know that. That’s why some youths, you see your mates making it easily but you are not making it easily, go and find out what you have done”, he said.

Fornication is The Reason Nigerian Youths Are Not Moving Forward - Komolafe Sukky

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