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Four Things You Should Remember This December



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Does it feel like Christmas is around the corner? Is it just us or the ‘banger sounds’ don’t even bang as well? ‘Father Christmas’ seems a little off and this December does not appear to be interested in being ‘detty’ even for a minute. *sigh*

Yes, COVID-19 has scattered so many things but we must find a way to enjoy this month. It has been nearly ten months of dodging the virus, strapping on masks, visors, gloves and what-nots. We are tired of 2020 and we need it to come and be going.

But before 2020 hurries off and we enter into the year of bliss, of vaccines in Nigeria, and of all-round joy (yes, we are happily delusional. We need hope, bruv), we need to wrap this year with a BANG and remember a few things!

So, here are four things you should remember. And if you don’t already know, you are very welcome:

Bone straight wig
Bone straight wig

1.Bone Straight Wigs Will Not Take You To Heaven:

Earlier in the week, we saw a video of a young woman screaming because her boyfriend gifted her a bone-straight wig on her birthday. Her screeches could deafen birds! Well, sistah, slow your roll. That wig will give you the ultimate slay-age rights. But erm, what else can it do for you?

So, as you chase after the wigs, it might help to add other things to that list.

Schoolgirls wearing masks during the morning session
Schoolgirls wearing masks during the morning session

2. A mask can save your life: 

At the rate at which COVID-19 is spreading, no one should have to speak about wearing masks. It’s a given.

However, we must still say this out loud. As we celebrate Christmas and count down to the end of the year, please, stay safe and keep others safe as well.

Just wear the mask and stop complaining. Dead people do not complain, sir.


3 Cars have become an essential commodity:

My dear, condition has caused the crayfish’s back to bend. The need to practice social distancing makes us realize how hard it is to keep any form of distance when cramped up in a bus. That’s why we all need our private cars to stay safe, cruise and pepper all our village people.

Cars45 Pepper Dem Christmas-01
Cars45 Pepper Dem Christmas

Sweet car deals are popping up on some trading platforms. Cars45 is even offering the first service free of charge for any car bought this year. Don’t Dull, Buy It!

A scene from an AMVCA party
A scene from an AMVCA party

4.   Problem No Dey Finish:

If you are a workaholic or you have been stressing about life, work, relationships, or any other matter, this is the time to chill a little. This is life, there will always be something ‘off’.

But you can’t let that rob you of enjoying the moment. In fact, it can help solve some of those issues. So, take a step back. In fact, pat yourself on the back for making it through one heck of a year.

With these few words, we hope we have been able to… Lol!

So, what else do you need to remember as we close out this year?

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