French President Emmanuel Macron Slapped In The Face {Video}

Police have arrested 2 persons in France for slapping the face of the President of France Emmanuel Macron. The President who just returned from the UK, which he visited for the G7 Summit. Emmanuel Macron

President Macron was slapped in the face while mingling with the public during a visit to Drome a town in Southern France.
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See video of Emmanuel Macron getting slapped in the face by a bystander;

The footage of the French president getting slapped was captured at the exact moment the blow landed catching the French President utterly by surprise.

Mr Macron was protected by metal barriers separating him from the crowd but the assailant managed to strike the world leader with his palm, by first holding him in place holding his hand before unleashing the blow.

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Mr Macron’s close protection team can be seen rushing in as the French President reeled from the blow.

He is quickly escorted away by a bodyguard while the gendarmerie moved in to evict his attacker.

The protestor was heard yelling “down with Macronism!” as he struck.

Macron’s political rival, Marine Le Pen of the National Rally party has condemned the assault.

Ms Le Pen released a statement saying: “It’s inadmissible to physically attack the President of the Republic

“it’s a profoundly condemnable gesture/”

It comes as Frexit Campaigner Charles-Henris Gallois warned the French President his popularity is collapsing.

Photo Credit: Getty

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