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“Give me my keys, you can’t seize my keys” – Uber driver fights off police officer who entered his car allegedly for money [Video]

An Uber driver did not allow himself to be bullied by a Police Officer who entered his car and attempted to seize his keys.

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A video gives an account of the struggle that ensued between the two and how it degenerated into the heated exchange of words and near fisticuffs.

The passenger in the car became apprehensive and filmed the entire incident.

The driver was adamant and was not ready to allow his keys to be seized by the police officer knowing very well that that would mean doom for him.

He struggled with the police officer who also resisted all attempts to relinquish the keys to the driver. The driver felt he was being oppressed against his will and right and as a result stood his ground throughout the encounter…at a point the helmet the police officer was wearing had to give way.

Check Out Video Below: 

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