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God Has Used Buhari To Punish Nigeria- Prophet Kunle Releases A New Prophecy About 2023 Election



God Has Used Buhari To Punish Nigeria- Prophet Kunle Releases A New Prophecy About 2023 Election

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Prophet (Dr) Kunle Hamilton is a man of many parts. He paid is due as a Journalist. He’s the CEO of Virgin Outdoor, a top PR firm. He is also the Shepherd and Founder of PraiseVille Parish of Celestial Church of Christ in Germany and Nigeria. In his exclusive interview on AFRICA TV, he revealed how he prophesied that Jonathan won’t win his reelection and that Buhari will emerged the winner, and also, releases a new prophecy about the 2023 election.

Here is what Prophet Kunle Hamilton said during the interview:

“My spiritual side always come into my professional life. I prophesied that Jonathan will lose to Buhari. Then, the Goodluck Jonathan’s campaign team offered me a very juicy contract as a consultant, during his second term campaign and the Lord said that I should turn it down. The guy who contacted me on the phone couldn’t believe it. He said, “Kunle, do you know how much money you’re walking away from?” I told him God said I can’t take it. He said I’m going to regret it when Goodluck Jonathan win but I said he won’t get there and he didn’t get there. You see, Goodluck have wonderful opportunities to do greater than that, but he allowed too many people to steal Nigeria dry, just for him to retain power. I believe that four years is long enough for anyone to do something meaningful in the political space. 

I prophesied that Buhari is going to win but I wish Buhari didn’t run for second time. I believe sincerely that, sometimes when God makes somebody gain power, it is for that person to fulfill purpose or sometimes to punish a people. God used Saul to punish Israel. I believe that God has used Buhari to punish Nigeria. As a carnal person, Buhari was more qualified than Atiku or anyone else who ran against him, because he is the only Nigeria president without foreign treasures as at the time he came into governance. Nobody else in Nigeria can live like Buhari in a position of power, that qualified him but we have since recognized that not wanting to steal money alone is not the only reason why you should go for power, because if you are not stealing money and everybody around you is stealing money, of what use is your presidency? 

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What will happen in Buhari’s post 2023 exit is, 2023 will provide a more political aware Nigeria electorate. In 2023, educated Nigerians who never went out to vote for anybody, will go out and vote. In 2023, we will see the shame of people who have held Nigeria by the jugular and who still say, against every odd they are still going to rule. We will see the shame of a lot of that but whoever will emerge in 2023 election, will not be the savior of Nigeria, it will be a defining time. In two years 2023, something is going to happen that will change the direction and course of Nigeria, that is what spiritual intelligence and biblical insight has given me to say. ENDSARS has proven one thing, that there is an army of youth that are far more brilliant than the rogues in political office. They used state clout to keep them quiet but not before the youth recognized, that there is actually power in unity of purpose. What ENDSARS has done is what would create the change in 2023 among Nigeria electorate.”

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