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Guinea President names street after Buhari for his ‘fear Of God’



President Umaro Embalo has expressed appreciation to President Buhari for his support and the fatherly advice he had been receiving from him before and after his inauguration as president of Guinea Bissau, Vanguard reports.

President Embalo explained that he named a street in Bissau, capital of Guinea Bissau, after President Buhari as a mark of honour and respect he has for the Nigerian leader due to his honesty, discipline and fear of God.

On his part, President Macky Sall of Senegal commended the way and manner Nigeria is supporting the cost of war against insurgency and terrorist activities in all the Lake Chad Basin areas.

The Senegalese leader gave the commendation at the end of a dinner meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari and President Umaro Embalo of Guinea Bissau at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, on Thursday night.

He also lauded Nigeria for supporting the efforts of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) toward the restoration of peace and constitutional order in Mali.

He said, “What I can say on Mali is that I did know that ECOWAS was very involved since the beginning (of the political crisis). Of course Mali is one of our great countries in ECOWAS.

“As you know, Mali is under occupation by terrorists, even Niger Republic, and I want to salute the great action of Nigeria against Boko Haram and how Nigeria is supporting the cost of war even in all the Lake Chad Basin area.

*“Nigeria is also supporting ECOWAS including Mali, Niger and in Burkina Faso where we have a very serious situation.”

Sall reiterated the commitment of the ECOWAS leaders to continue to support the transitional government in Mali to enable it meet the December 2021 deadline of conducting elections in that country.

The visiting president said: “Although, we had a big political crisis in Mali, but hopefully today everything there is better as we continue to give support to the country’s transitional arrangements.

“So we will help and we will continue to support and we hope by the end of December of next year they will come back to the normal constitutional order and they will have elections and they can come back very strongly with the nations of ECOWAS.

“So, what I can say is today everybody is helping Mali, we lifted the sanctions and ECOWAS has shown a big leadership during this crisis.’’

The Senegalese leader further revealed that they had fruitful bilateral talks with President Buhari bordering on security, economic, COVID-19 as well as regional and global issues.

“I’m not here for summit. I came with my young brother, President Embalo, to pay this visit, to discuss with him (President Buhari), of course, about bilateral relations and also about the region, Africa, about the COVID-19 and all problems we are having in this world.

“So, let me thank President Buhari for hosting us on African traditional way and it’s a big honour for me again to tell him; `thank you President Buhari, thank you for hospitality; thank you also for the officials you brought this evening.’

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Barely 48 hours after, video of Desmond Elliot going against Nigerian youths their use of social media surfaces



Barely 48 hours after veteran Nollywood actor, Desmond Ellliot denied supporting the social media regulation bill at the Lagos state house of assembly, video of the law maker speaking against Nigerian youths on their use of social media, has surfaced on the internet.

In the video, the 46 year old was heard condemning Nigerian youths, citing for example how the government was ridiculed and insulted over the recent chaos that happened in the country.

According to Desmond, Nigerian youths use the social media for negative things more than the positive. He added that the government needs to look into it and make sure something is done.

Watch the video below;

See how some Nigerians reacted to this;

@bummz111 Wrote “This is so shameful to watch. Coming from a youth. What an embarrassment. So social media is the cause of the woes of Nigeria. Any ways na Demi dem. #shameful”

@cherry_kyla wrote “Always a fool will remain a fool, God will punish u”

@metrix007 wrote “Desmond is canceled who’s with me?”

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Entertainment News

End police brutality in Nigeria, Kenya and USA – Lupita Nyong’o



Award-winning actress, Lupita Nyong’o has called for an end to police brutality in Nigeria, her home country Kenya and the United States of America.

In reaction to the #EndSARS protests, she echoed this declaration on Wednesday via her Twitter page.

The 37-year-old Kenyan film star noted that in 2020, there has been a global outcry for an end to police brutality and better governance. She condemned the shooting and killing of peaceful #EndSARS protesters at Lekki tollgate.

Lupita wrote ”I echo the declaration of the people in Nigeria to END POLICE BRUTALITY and the call for their lives to be valued by the leaders of their nation.

“Last week, the world saw this call answered with the wounding and murders of Nigerians in Lekki. I so badly want the end of this kind of violence and abuse of authority for Nigeria, for my own country, Kenya, and for the country I live in now, USA.

“It seems that this is the resounding battle cry of 2020 across the globe, to have police powers reevaluated, their organizations held accountable and systems rebuilt to serve the people.

”I support the fight against political interests that have no interest in the rights of the people. #EndSARS” she concluded.

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Germany announces second national lockdown to curb Coronavirus spread



Germany has announced second national lockdowns to curb coronavirus spread.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, said her nation will enter a four-week lockdown from 2 November.

Germany’s restrictions will see:

  • Bars and pubs to shut
  • Restaurants to close except for takeaway
  • Gyms, cinemas and theatres to shut
  • Indoor gatherings banned for more than 10 people and between more than two households
  • Hotels to close to tourists – staying open only for “essential reasons”
  • Shops to stay open but with a maximum of one person per 10 square metres

Ms. Merkel said schools, nurseries, and day care centres will stay open. She also revealed that she “wants to make sure” nursing homes can still have visitors during the lockdown.

The German Chancellor explained that the “tough measures” were necessary to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed as Germany faces soaring coronavirus deaths and cases.

“We need to take action now,” she said, adding the key to defusing the “very serious” situation was to reduce contacts while limiting damage to the economy.

The chancellor said the number of filled intensive care beds had doubled in 10 days, but believed this short lockdown could help curb down the spread and ensure hospitals can continue to cope.

“If the pace of infections continues like this, then we’ll reach the limits of what the health system can manage within weeks,” she said.

Earlier on Wednesday  October 28, Germany’s disease control agency confirmed a record 14,964 new confirmed coronavirus cases in one day, taking the national total to 449,275.

It also reported 27 more deaths, raising its total to 10,098, the Robert Koch Institute said.

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