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Guru who went viral when he sprayed insecticide into his mouth dies

A Nigerian man has lashed out at men who persistently go after women begging for their love and affection even after two years.

The man known as @ojooluwa on micro-blogging platform Twitter claimed that men who still beg single ladies to accept their proposal for years are cursed.

His view was that no man in his right senses would chase a single woman by pretending to have the same interest and bump into places with her.

Ojooluwa advised men to rather put effort in making money and learn how to dress and speak well and advance their life so they can be eligible for multiple women.

He tweeted;

“Only a cursed man would chase a single woman for 2 years, texting, trying to bump into places, pretending to have the same interest with that woman etc.

Get in shape, make some money, learn to dress and talk properly. Be in position so that you are eligible for multiple women”.

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In other news, a Nigerian lady who uses the handle @Ore_akinde on Twitter posited that no single lady should be blamed for snatching a married man as she argued that men are to take the blame if a case infidelity in marriage comes up.

She tweeted;

“In my opinion, No single babe should be blamed for snatching any man, breaking any household, ‘causing any man to cheat’ even if she knew he is married. The married man is question was the one that made the vows to his wife & should be held responsible for his actions.”

“Why does the onus lie on her to reject the advances when it’s the married man that’s out of line?

Nope, she doesn’t owe you or the society shit, she doesn’t need to uphold your morals, the married man should respect his marriage vows that only he took with his wife.”

. “Only A Cursed Man Will Chase A Single Woman For Two Years” – Man Reveals Follow GhGossip.

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