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Here’s Why Some Men are no Longer in Love With Their Wives After Marriage



Here’s Why Some Men are no Longer in Love With Their Wives After Marriage

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You see, this disinterest in your partner is due to several reasons that I am bringing to your attention today through this article, so take the time to read it with good intelligence.

Isn’t it that brother who said that I can even sacrifice my life for the love of my princess? So what happened now? Does this mean that time kills love? Not at all, in short all these questions confirm that there are indeed factors that can kill love after marriage.

Some faithful men who said to the mayor a few years ago: “yes until death does us part”, today live with their wives as simple roommates. The love has disappeared, words such as: my baby, my baby, my darling, my love etc…no longer exists in the couple to the point where their friends, colleagues and acquaintances ask themselves questions like: n isn’t it Brother Herman and Sister Clarice that we celebrated the union a few years ago?

So, here are the factors that kill love after marriage:

1. Dress style

Some women believed that after their marriage they no longer needed to look attractive or dress glamorously. And yes some women get quite neglectful, How can you tie a piece of loincloth to your chest to strut around all day at home, the worst part is that your nightwear in bed is like you’re getting ready for the 3rd world war? With such a dress style what do you expect dear ladies? men are attracted to the visual, If you always dress negligently, your husband may even refuse to go out with you, this is also the reason why you often see Mr. 50 meters in front and his wife following him 50 meters behind.


Always wear neat clothes like the first day, always have a sense of seduction in you ladies, and often surprise with ultra sexy clothes in bed, with such a style your man will thank heaven for having a woman like you .

2. The woman who does not like prayer

 Do you see, Madam prayed to have a good husband, but after the marriage, Madam no longer prays, no longer fasts for him? Can’t wake up without asking GOD to protect your husband from all spell and other spiritual attacks? not all that interests you is the meal money. The spiritual aspect avoids a lot of things. But you neglect it, and you are amazed to see your hearth tear apart. it is absurd!


Train yourself in prayer, there is nothing more beautiful than a man who comes home and sees his wife praying bitterly for him … even if he was in a bad mood, he will change his mind. mood, Men look forward to having a spiritual warrior who can understand what they are going through and support them in prayer.

3. The transfer of love

I tend to say to women usually, don’t transfer the love of your husband to your children. And yes children are entitled to maternal love and not to romantic love, see you some women forget it, as soon as they give birth, as soon as they transfer romantic love to their children as if the gentleman had died, be careful of that . Monsieur still needs hugs, caresses, tenderness and sweet words from you, do not deprive him of it to the detriment of the children, this can lead him to go outside (cheat on you) and then to create arguments is never finished in your home. you know some men have trouble communicating with their wives, it’s up to you ladies to find the sweet words to always activate the flame of love in your home.

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Stop investing all the love and affection on your children as if your husband doesn’t need love. He is always your first love, let your children know that their father is always the head and the priority. And besides this is a good example that you show to the children. In short, ladies consider your husbands as also part of your children funny but true, you must always mix maternal love and romantic love because men are very jealous.

4. When a woman (a wife) forgets her role.

The woman is a helper for the man and not the head of the house; A man does not want another man like him in the house, which is why God did not create another man out of the dust but out of a finished product. As you very well know there are not two captains in a ship. So when a woman becomes a competitor and not a companion, when a woman sees her husband as a rival and not as a leader, what outcome can you expect, do not be surprised that such a house is just the nest? from confusion of incomprehension and daily disagreement.


A woman’s ego should never be above her husband. Women must never forget that a minister cannot control, command or even dominate the President of the Republic. Let the wife then be subject to her husband.

Love is a decision, a commitment and it is together that you must fight for your happiness no matter the number of years always think about your first meeting and know that NOBODY IS 100% GOOD. May your house be a model for others to copy. Walk, think and talk about love. .

As for you gentlemen, change your ways and live as a responsible father to your children and a king, a protector, a good husband for your wife.

That’s all, so good woman know that wolves are out there looking for a man who looks sad and unkind in her marriage. So protect your husband, comfort him, bring him much love, and God will return it to you by blessing you.

try to take note of this things to restore your marriage…if you find this post helpful please kindly like and share with others too

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