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Florence Sandra Whyte, wife of playwright Ebo Whyte has recalled she and the husband struggled to bear fruits after ten years of marriage.

She granted the interview shortly with JoyNews before the world celebrated Mother’s Day to highlight her own role as a mother and how she struggled to have her own child.

She said;

“Every woman marrying looks out for children and we [Uncle Ebo and I] had a lot of conversation concerning the matter. Ebo, kept telling me he wants the children to look like me and I told him I will give him girls because I like girls. We also talked about how we were going to train them and things like that.

“We thought that, why couldn’t we wait for about a year before we start having them. And after that, I had a lot of miscarriages, but we were hopeful,” she told host Edem Knight-Tay.

As a couple, Mrs Whyte said they tried everything to change the narrative, however, whenever she got pregnant, she lost the baby.  

She added that it was not a medical problem too so at a point, they just decided to remain calm and rely solely on divine intervention.

“I was ‘crife’, so going to the hospital for the doctor to tell me to lie down, was a big problem for me, but sometimes he [Uncle Ebo] had to woo me whilst taking me to the hospital. He will be telling me that “Oh, it is okay, you don’t have to worry, it’s normal and things like that.”

“But after sometime we realized that we had to wait on God.”

“She was a very good mother-in-law. We were very close. And so she got involved in it and was always encouraging me.

“I think she herself went through a lot of pain [with childbirth]. Her first batch of children all died before she had the surviving ones now, so she understood what we were going through,” she revealed.


. ‘How It Became Difficult For Us to Have Kids’- Ebo Whyte’s Wife Recounts Follow GhGossip.

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