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“How can I swim from Ghana to the USA?” – Ghanaian man searches Google for answers as he prepares to leave the country

A young Ghanaian man has been making frantic Google searches for an answer to his question on how he can relocate to the USA by swimming.

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Ayigbe Borla Bird, just like many youths has expressed his desire to leave the country should the least chance present itself.

Following the growing state of insecurity, lack of jobs and poor governance, many Ghanaian youths feel their future in Ghana look bleak and far away thus relocating abroad will do them a great deal of good.

That is how come, Ayigbe Borla Bird has shared his Google Search history which reveals how he has been searching the internet for answers…how he can leave Ghana for the USA, not by air or road but by swimming.

Interestingly, Google provided some answers to his question. His question is premised on how he can get to the USA without going through all the rigorous Immigration protocols.

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