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How can lives be saved in this community? – Photos of Bomponso No.1 clinic causes stir on social media

Ghanaian in 2003 was considered one of the most advanced countries in Africa in terms of health care, thanks to the launch of the public insurance system that replaced the existing ‘cash and carry’ health system in the same year but from the look of things, it better not be described as such since previous and successive have neglected those in the deep rural areas to suffer.

While Ghana was the first country in Sub-Saharan Africa to reduce poverty by half — with more than 245,000 Ghanaians lifted out of poverty each year — its health care system is still not comparable to that of developed nations.

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Photos going viral on social media sees the deplorable mud house being referred to as a Clinic in Bomponso No.1 where people go to seek healthcare.

From the photos of Bomponso clinic going round on social media, one can clearly tell that Ghana’s healthcare in that community is nothing to write home about.

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