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‘How I took revenge on my boyfriend for cheating’- Lady shares story



A Twitter user identified as @Sewela31 has assumed a heroine status on social media after she revealed the ‘Hollywood’ way she dealt with her cheating boyfriend.

The young lady revealed that she caught her boyfriend’s pants down having sex with another lady at his place when she went over to visit him unannounced. Instead of putting up a drama as situations like this demand, she forgave him when he begged for forgiveness.

Then, after he was hopelessly in love with her again, she took revenge by cheating on him.

She tweeted:

“I once found my ex in bed with some chic at his place.greeted them and went back to my car without drama.he apologized,I forgave him,we were more happier than ever before. 4 months later when he was madly inlove again,I did the same thing to him. to this day he still hates me?”

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