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How The Nigerian Society Has Helped Reinforce The Sugar Daddy Craze

The term Sugar Daddy has been in existence for as long as we can imagine and according to several reports and claims beginning of the 19th century, when Adolph Spreckels, heir to the Spreckels sugar fortune, married a woman who was 24 years younger than him and called him “Sugar Daddy”.

A “Sugar Daddy” is a wealthy (and usually older) man who supports and provides for a younger woman in exchange for companionship and/or other favours. These men are also called “Blessers” as these girls believe that the men in question bless them and give them a shot at the good life. Sugar daddies often take care of the welfare of their lovers and the girls are expected to satisfy them with great sex and companionship.

While these girls take these men on sexual adventures they are rewarded bountifully with trips, houses, cars, businesses, and all the good things of life you can think of. These girls usually live the good life without having to work half as hard as their mates have to and their lavish lifestyles often raise eyebrows. Society often condemns girls who live this sort of life describing them as greedy, irresponsible with no moral standards and they may be right seeing that they are involved with married men, or men who are old enough to be their fathers or sometimes older.

How The Nigerian Society Has Helped Reinforce The Sugar Daddy Craze

Are these girls truly to be blamed for this life or has society contributed greatly to the increasing rate of girls embracing this lifestyle. Well, we believe yes and would love to share a few reasons why society is to be blamed for the sugar daddy craze.

1. Poverty

Poverty is the primary driving force behind women having sugar daddies. Women have very limited opportunities to thrive in the society and so to get ahead and overcome economic pressure they consider every option available. It requires no education, no references, and no experience. A lot of people cannot afford their basic needs so will do anything to survive. This becomes a job opportunity for them and it provides them everything they want.

2. Social Media

There is a lifestyle that social media projects to people and it is one reason why people constantly warn against over-exposure to these sites. There is a curated lifestyle projected on various social media platforms a life of luxury, glam, travels, etc. Constant exposure to these lifestyle influences people’s decision and they are willing to do anything to be a part of this life. Social media over time has been listed as a high contributory to the increasing rate of crime and sugar daddies in today’s society.

3. Entertainment Industry

From the songs to the movies these superstars and celebrities who have high influence on modern day cultural disposition are known to glorify the life of sugar daddies and their side chics. Artiste sing praises about girls with “Big Boys” hailing them for going on several glamourous trips. Movies also show off the lifestyle of these girls and how their sugar daddies spoil them silly making some other girls crave and want the lifestyle.

4. Peer Pressure

Like earlier mentioned in this article these girls usually live well off than their mates and their lavish lifestyles often raise eyebrows. A lot of their other friends who have minimal lifestyles or budgeted living envy them also want to live the life of glitz and glam. Sometimes they are overcome by the pressure and resort to join the sugar daddy and side chic world where they get spoilt silly.

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