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How to register to Vote in India?

India is a democratic country. Every citizen must exercise his right to vote. Do you know how to register to vote in India? Let us have a look!



Voting or election is like a festival of democracy. It not only enables us to choose our representative who will rule us for five years but also make us realise the importance of citizenship. Now, it is easy to register a vote in India as Election Commission offers online voter registration for Indian citizens who have attained the age of 18 on the qualifying date that is 1st January of the year of revision of electoral roll.

Some people don’t vote and think that one vote will not make any change. But if we analyse and see the things, one vote can make a difference. We have to understand and realise the importance of voting. No doubt, our nation’s political foundations are built using elections. For voting, it is necessary to register the vote. If you have not registered your vote and don’t know the process of registration have a look at the steps given below:

First we will see who is eligible to vote?

– He or She must be a citizen of India.

– Must have attained 18 years of age on the qualifying date that is 1st January of the year of revision of electoral roll.

– Must be enrolled in the electoral roll of India or the polling area of the Indian constituency where he or she resides.

Let us tell you that under Article -326 of the Constitution of India, the Right to vote has been recognized and it states that no person can be denied right to vote if he fulfills the need of Adult Suffrage i.e. he/she is above the age of 18.

How to register to vote in India?

First Step: Fill the Form 6


The first step for registration is to fill the Form 6. That is citizens can apply as prescribed in Form 6, before the Electoral Registration Officer/Assistant Electoral Registration Officer of their constituency.

To apply there are several ways:

– The application, containing copies of the relevant documents, can be filed in person before the concerned Electoral Registration Officer/Assistant Electoral Registration Officer.

– Also, it can be sent via post to the Booth Level Officer of the polling area or handed over to her or him.

– Online also you can file the application.

Process for applying online:

– Visit National Voter’s Service Portal.

– Click ‘ Apply Online For Registration of New Voter’

– With Form 6 a new window will open.

– Fill the form and submit it.

Second Step: To organise documents or documents required with Form 6

How to vote In India

Some basic documents are required to submit it with the Form 6. Also, remember that before submitting, documents should be attested or certified.

– It is necessary to submit ID proof. Like Passport, Driving License, Pan Card, Student Identification Card.

– Proof of residence or Address proof is also necessary to submit.

To register to vote at the address, you must be living there for six months.

Any of this documentation will serve as address proof:

Bank/Kisan/Post Office current Pass Book,
Ration Card,
Driving License,
Income Tax Assessment Order,
Latest rental agreement,
Latest Telephone/Electricity/Gas Connection/ Water Bill for that address, either in the name of the applicant or of his/her immediate relation (parents),
Any mail/ post/letter delivered through Indian Postal Department in the applicant’s name at the address of ordinary residence.

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Note: If documents, as mentioned above, are not in your name but are in your landlord’s name then, in this case, he or she can sign an affidavit stating that you stay at the mentioned address. If address proof that you are giving is in your family member’s name then it is necessary to prove the relationship, for this a birth certificate is required to prove a relationship and a marriage certificate if an address is registered to your spouse’s name.

For Age Proof:
If your age is in between 18 to 22, then it is necessary to submit age verification. And for this any government recognised document will work like:

– Birth certificate issued by the Municipal Authority or District Office of the Registrar of Births and Deaths or Baptism certificate.

– Birth certificate from the Government or recognised school last attended by the applicant or any other recognised educational institution.

– If he/she is 10 class pass student then mark sheet of 10th class will suffice but it should contain date of birth as a proof.

– Even mark sheet of class 5 or 8 will also work if it contains date of birth.

– Passport

– PAN Card

– Driving License

– Aadhar Card issued by UIDAI

Third Step: Submit Form 6

How to vote In India

You have to submit your Form 6 with the certified documents to your nearest ERO (Electoral Registration Officer). After submitting your form you will receive a receipt of submission. Around one month or 45 days, time will be taken by the office in giving the status of your voter ID. Either you will get a call or mail for it. If you don’t receive any of this you can directly contact the ERO office where you have submitted the form with the receipt that you got during the course of submission.
If Election arrives and you don’t have your Voter ID then also you can cast your vote. , your name is mentioned in the electoral roll. You just have to carry your Driving License, PAN Card, Passport, etc. any one of them according to your suitability.

Also it may happen:

After receiving Form 6, The ERO will display a copy of the form on the notice board inviting objections, if any, within one week. Also, ERO may ask the concerned Booth Level Officer to visit the applicant’s residence and verify the information provided in the form. Then, the ERO will order the inclusion of name in the electoral roll if Form 6 is complete and no person has raised any kind of objection.
 In this way, you can register your vote. So, don’t wait, if you have not registered yet then register it. Voting is your legal right, be a responsible citizen and caste your valuable vote.

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