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I Cried Because What I Did To My Mother Was Unforgivable- Lady Laments



I Cried Because What I Did To My Mother Was Unforgivable- Lady Laments

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My mom had just one eye. She was cooked for high school students and teachers to support the families. I hated and I was shamed of her. There was one day when my mother came to say hello to me while I was in primary school, and i was so ashamed.

How can she do me this? How can she? i ignored her, and i ran away with a hateful look. One of my classmates told me the next day at school: “Your mother has just one eye!!”

I wanted to burn myself so much that I was ashamed of myself, and I also wanted my mom to vanish. So I went that day to her, and I said to her, ‘Why don’t you die?’ if you’d want me to laugh a little?’

My mother did not answer….

For a second, I didn’t have time to think what i said, because i was so angry.

I didn’t care about her feelings…

I wanted her to leave the house, and i no longer wanted her…

She told me one day, “You know that i love you so much, and everything i want is your achievement and your success.”

I ignored it…

I studied very hard to not see her again and had the opportunity to get a bursary to study at a big school. I got married a couple of years later… I bought a house for myself, I had kids…

I was happy with my life, my children, and everything i had.

She hadn’t seen me for many years, and she hadn’t saw her grandchildren, until my mother came to visit me.

When she came to the door, my children mocked her and i accused her of coming without any invitation!

I screamed at her: “How dare you come to my house, and frighten my kids! ‘Get out now!!’

And then my mother replied calmly: “Oh, I apologize for your disturbance, but I just wished to hear from you, I had to walk around in the end to find out where you live, I must have had one of your former high School friends without success, she’s the one who told me where you live. But maybe, I got the wrong house if my presence hurts you.”

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And until I couldn’t see her any longer, she vanished. One day I lied to my husband on the pretext of a tourist trip by letter about a school gathering.

After the meeting, my neighbors told me that she was dead. I went to the old cabin just out of curiosity, i haven’t shed a single tear.

They gave me a letter that she wanted me to read:

All the time, I believe in you. I apologize and frighten your children for coming to Accra. When i heard that you were coming to the school meeting, i was so glad.

But this time i was unable to come out of bed to see you. I am sorry that, while you were growing up, you had an accident and you lost an eye when you were very little, so i had to give you mine to make sure you have to eyes.

My daughter, i was so glad, she grew up and saw me, with my eye, a whole new world.

With my love for you.

Your mother ”

She sacrificed herself her entire life, why did I do so to my mother?

What have we all learned from my story? your opinions with help me alot and share with others so that they can also learn from it

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