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“I don’t Believe Christ’s Death Can Wash My Sins Away But.” -Reno Omokri Mocks Unbelievers



“I don’t Believe Christ’s Death Can Wash My Sins Away But…” -Reno Omokri Mocks Unbelievers

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Reno Omokri has felt the need to mock unbelievers who always think the death of Christ is not significant. They believe the death of Christ can’t wash away their sins but they believe detergent can help them wash their dirty clothes. Why would people have such believe in detergents but yet couldn’t believe the Christ died for a reason?

The answer to this question is simple! Unbelievers have a heart that has meds itself to believe in certain ideas. No matter what you tell unbelievers about the existence and death of Christ, they would find it difficult to believe.

Speaking about Unbelievers and their perception, “Reno Omokri said: “I don’t believe Christ’s Death can wash my sins away (but you believe bleach can make your dirty clothes clean). I don’t believe Adam brought sin into this world (but you believe that diseases like Covid19 entered the world through one human being)”.

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I guess Reno Omokri’s illustration is good enough. If an unbeliever could have trust in his detergent to help clean dirty clothes, why not just believe in the death of Christ?

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What can you say to this?

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