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I don’t believe in Islam, Jesus Christ is the only way – Reno Omokri says



Nigerian award-winning author and former aide to Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri has said that he does not believe in the Islamic religion.

His comment follows after a fan identified on Twitter as Bakar Embee commented under one of his posts asking him to join the Islamic region. The fan made this comment under Reno’s post where he was explaining that a church wedding is not a Christian marriage.

Reno Omokri earlier on took to his Twitter page explaining why he thinks a church wedding is not classified as a Christian wedding. According to him, people who get married in the church do so because they see the pastor or the man of God as a heavenly representative on earth.

He however debunked the perception that a wedding held in the church is termed as Christian marriage.

During his argument on his Twitter wall, a Muslim fan commented under the post asking him to join the Islamic religion. Reno Omokri however told him he does not believe in the Islamic religion because the only way to God is through Jesus Christ.

“Dear @BukarEmbeeA, I have read the Quran. While I respect Muslims, I do not believe in Islam. To me, the ONLY way to God is through Christ, the solid Rock on whom I stand. All other ground, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, is shifting ground, in my opinion. #FreeLeahSharibu#RenosNuggets” he tweeted back.

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