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I Dug a Grave To Bury My Pregnant Wife So That She Will Feel The Pain, I Can Never Forgive Her Man



I Dug a Grave To Bury My Pregnant Wife So That She Will Feel The Pain, I Can Never Forgive Her Man

Some experiences are so painful and also heartbreaking. When I heard that this man was trying to bury his pregnant wife alive, I was so angry with him but after reading the story, I got to realize that he is indeed sorrowful and his wife had just betrayed him.

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Imagine your wife sleeping with your beat friend and also telling you to your face? I think this man should not be blamed for trying to take such an action because no one can ever forget about such.

According to reports online, a young man have narrated the reason why he wanted to bury his pregnant wife alive. This man revealed that he have been married to this lady for about 10 years without a child. He fell sick and while he was in sick bed his wife slept with his friend and got pregnant for his friend.

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His wife said to his face that she is not aborting the pregnancy and even if he dies, she will marry his friend. This made him so angry and tried burying his wife alive, but she escaped after he mistakenly revealed his plan out of anger. He said he wanted to beg her alive so that she will feel the pain and he said he can never forgive her for this.

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The wife of this man revealed that they have been married for years without a child, and she decided to test her fertility with the friend of the man. Luckily, it got her pregnant, and she is not ready to abort it.

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Indeed, your greatest enemy is around your friends. What do you think about this?

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